Time to do our bit to expand ICPF Ministry.

Giving towards God’s ministry is not an option for a Christian; it’s a privilege…
- Here’s an opportunity to give for a good cause!

How can you help?

Isn't it better to give than to receive

ICPF is totally depending on the financial contributions from its members and well-wishers for the various activities among our students and youths. Fund Raising becomes important in this scenario.

You may please choose any fund raise request from the listing and do your donation by cash/check or via PayPal. Every donation will be acknowledged with a receipt and a donation certificate by which you can claim tax exemption from the government departments.

How does this initiative work?

  • ICPF Associates put up help requests.
  • ICPF Admin verify and approve.
  • Approved Requests Listed Out.
  • Well-wishers can donate to any request.

icpfministry@gmail.com (716) 427 3468

Where To Find Us

P.O Box 550776
Dallas, TX 75238