Smiley face Senior Forum is the fundamental local unit of ICPF which will act as a Guardian body of the Student's Forum of a local area, designed to play the role of a physical, spiritual and financial supporter and advisor of the local student ministry. ICPF Senior Forum was previously known as CGPF. Graduates/Seniors who were benefited by the ministries of ICPF, as well as parents, ministers and leaders who love the Lord's work among collegians come together regularly to give effective prayer support and ministerial and financial backing for the ICPF endeavours.

The Senior Forum shall have the authority to decide all matters connected with the local ICPF affairs subject to the rules and regulations of ICPF. The Senior Forums promote and strengthen ICPF ministry in the location by working hand in hand with the Student's Counselor and support the work in physical, spiritual and financial aspects. They also assist the Student's Counselor to train and disciple students for leadership and evangelization.

The Senior Forum monitors the progress of ICPF works of that station and gives necessary advices to the Student's Counselor and student units. The Members of the Senior Forum keep cordial relationship with local churches and associating organizations to promote ICPF activities.