Awake Camps in the US started in 2001 at the Waxahachie Camp Center in Texas with the sole intention of enriching and mentoring the Next Generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to empower them for the Divine Purpose of God in Worldwide Missions. This is a unique camp, which has continued through the years since that first camp and has been an impetus to many youngsters to have a U-turn from their unfruitful path towards a Purpose filled & Spirit filled walk with the Lord. In the past years, hundreds of lives have been impacted and we are trusting in God that these camps will continue to do the Perfect work of Christ in many more. The programs are divided into all the aspects of a good Christian life with awesome time of worship, practical teachings on real life, small group sessions, a chance to reflect and re-focus your life on Christ-centered living with excellent Bible based teachings, tools for making decisions in life and a time and place to draw closer to Christ. At the moment there are two Awake camps that happen each year, one in the South (Dallas, Houston or Oklahoma City) and the other in the North East (Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York).